Shockwarehouse Downloads

Building or fabricating something? Need some shock specs? Here below are links to the manufacturer's downloadable PDF sheets to help you choose and see the specs for various shocks and struts. These parts are technical intense, or used for racing / fabrication purposes. So grab your tape measure and your mechanic, and you are ready to go.

When using a shock by dimension and / or valving, it is extremely important you read and look over all technical notes supplied by the manufacturers to insure you order the correct part to fit your modifications. If you are unsure, consult your mechanic or fabrication shop for installation and suspension modification options.

If there is a part you are interested in and want to purchase, just type that part number in the upper left hand search field and it will find it. If not, please fill in our Tech Form and we can check availability for you.

Racing and Offroad Shocks Spec Sheets

Regular Series Shocks and Struts Spec Sheets