1989 Ford F150 4WD Shocks with Lift

Make: Ford

Model: F150 4 Wheel Drive

Manufacture Date: /1989




Need a Replacement front shocks for my f150 4 wheel

drive with 2 inches of suspension lift. The shocks in front of the springs

seem to need to be a smaller dia than the shocks after the springs. thank





There is no real control over the diameter of the shocks.

Note that monotube performance shocks (such as Bilstein, Edelbrock, and

KYBs) have a slimmer body because they don't have aeration problems like a twin tube, and don't need a large oil reservoir.

More about monotubes and twin tube shocks - /site/glossary.cfm

Since you have raised the truck, you probably have a larger tire, so you need a shock with a lot of dampeing power. That's going to be a monotube.

Does the modification / lift kit company say you have to use a longer shock?

Or are you using a stock length shock?

More about lifted trucks if it helps -




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