1990 Toyota Camry LE Shocks

Make: Toyota

Model: Camry LE Stationwagon

Manufacture Date: /1990

Chassis Designation: Stationwagon (V-6 engine)


I'm looking replace my OEM front & rear struts on my 90 Camry SW. Ride OK, a bit soft but no bouncing, but lots of squeaking noises coming from struts over smallest of road bumps & pavement intersections. Looking for a comfortable ride & good quality struts. Your recommendation requested on struts; also, on strut mounting kits (if even needed) -- your thoughts.



More about 'ride' is mentioned on our website here - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm

1990 Camrys are listed in our online catalog (the 2WD wagons use the same units are a regular Camry) - /index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=4471&selected_year=1990

The KYBs are the popular choice (as far as sales). They are a twin tube similar to the OE units Both KYB and Monroe offer mounts there (they are essentially the same part in a different box).

More about upper mounts -




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