1995 BMW 325i Front Struts

Model: 1995 BMW 325ic
Chassis Designation: JD42115
What is your driving style: Normal Driver
Vehicle Setup: Rear Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts

Question: Can you tell me if the Bilstein shocks F4-VNE-4420-BC and F4-VNE-4419-BC will fit my vechile or do I need the F4-VE3-4400-H0 and F4-VE3-4401-H0?

Answer:both of those sets of front struts will fit your 1995 325i, as will the 4402 and 4403. The difference between the shocks is the stiffness of thevalving and the level of comfort/performance they provide. The Bilstein Touring Class, the 4419 and 4420, is a twin tube low pressure strut similar to what comes from the factory on most vehicles. It will give you a comfortable soft ride, but won't improve your BMW's performance at all. The Bilstein Heavy Duty (4400 & 4401) is designed to be a performance upgrade that is still comfortable for daily driving, while the Sport (4402 & 4403) will give you the best performance possible but will give you a harsh ride.
You can see all of those here:


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