1995 olds ninety eight


I own a 1995 olds ninety eight with the self leveling rear suspension. Do you know of a kit that will allow Me to use a regular shock in the rear instead of the self leveling units. IIf so what is the part # and cost of the units?



The companies we have only offer an air unit. They do not mention a way to convert the car. (You might have to check with a GM mechanic on how or if that can be done). Another option would be to just use an airline with the air units, which allows you to fill them up manually. (this is a common alternative if the factory air-pump or computer goes bad). For the rear units, you want to use the 171798, 71798, or 801798. Here's the link for those in our online catalog - /index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=249001&selected_year=1995 The airline adapter is AK29. Here's the link for that kit (only one is needed) /site/product.cfm?id=19941 The airline allows you to fill the rear air units just like filling a tire. :-)


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