1995 Toyota Tacoma Shocks

Make: toyota

Model: Tacoma

Manufacture Date: /1995

Chassis Designation: 4*4



I'm looking for a great ride and still handle a load?



More about 'ride' is mentioned on our website here - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm

Shocks have no effect on the support of a load, but - The 59537 Airlift kit (one kit per truck) will support up to 2000 lbs.

That is listed in our online catalog here -


If you want performance (better handling and control, especially while towing or hauling at highway speeds) you want to use a monotube design shock.

In this case, we suggest the Bilsteins heavy dutys we also mention there online.

TRD Toyotas use Bilsteins, so that would be the way to go. They are very popular with Toyota trucks.


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