1997 Ford Explorer Work Truck Needs Shocks

Model: 1997 Ford Explorer XLT AWD 5.0 L 4 door
What is your driving style: Luxury Driver
Vehicle Setup: All Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts

Question: Vehicle has 174,000 miles and when first bought at 112,000 replaced all with Monroe Sensortrac shocks. Always road hard and was thinking about going with the RS5000 set...with a new Monroe SC2958 Axle dampening shock as this was never replaced. Was told it never needs to be replaced from a Ford dealer. Possible use in future as a work vehicle so not sure if I should stay with Monroe. I understand being a short wheelbase vehicle makes it rough ride but was curious if the RS5000 is a better shock than the Monroe to give a better ride. All suggestions would be appreciated. Does Rancho make an axle dampening shock for this vehicle ?

Answer: Rancho doesn't make an axle dampener for your application, but Monroe and Bilstein do. There are a few options for your application when it comes to shocks. You can see all of the options for your application at our website here:

1997 Ford Explorer Aftermarket Shocks

I would recommend Bilstein if you do intend to use the truck for commercial/work use. The Bilstein Heavy Duty shocks are specifically designed to handle the tougher loads.


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