1997 Ford F150, 4wd


I have a 1997 ford f150, 4wd. I have been trying to purchase airshocks for it locally and nobody seems to list them. Are they available? I have a new trailor that is a little tongue heavy and I thought this would be the simplest an most economic way to go. If they are not available why and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Airshocks are pretty old technology. Monroe does not make them for any newer trucks (past around 2000). They do make a set of Loadlevelers 58629 - /site/product.cfm/id/18171/name/58629-Monroe-Loadleveler-Pair-Ford-F150 Those actually support around 1,100 lbs, much more than any air shocks would. Online catalog - /index.cfm?mode=make&type=T


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