1999 Dodge Dakota 4X4 Club Cab


I am looking for a recommendation for some goodquality shocks for my Dodge Dakota .. what would be your recommendation ?I was looking at the Monroe Sensa-Trac and the Monroe Reflex ... what are the major differences ? right now my shocks are pretty worn and my truck rides rough, i'd like a smoother ride and i just drive normal .. no off roading. Thanks in advance for any help, there are so many different shocks i haven't a clue which would be best.


More about "ride" is mention on our website here - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm

Reflex and Sensatrac are essentially the same thing, the Sensatrac is an older design, the Reflex a newer one.

Both are a twin tube design very similar to the OE Dodge units, so either one would be fine for normal everyday driving.


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