1999 Dodge Dakota SLT Club Cab Shocks

Make: Dodge

Model: Dakota SLT Club Cab

Manufacture Date: /1999




We have a 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab pickup truck. A friend has suggested

we buy the Bilstein BST Heavy Duty shocks from your site. A mechanic,

based on the name "BST Heavy Duty" has said his price is higher, so I

should buy yours, but his part number is different than the one on your

website. So I have two questions:

1) What is the difference between part number: be5-6338-ho (his rear part

number) and F4-BE5-2618-H0 (your part number for rear shocks)

2) Am I going to screw up the vehicle by changing shocks without changing

any other suspension components? We use the truck mainly for highway trips

to and from hardware stores. We occasionally take it to the mountains for

snow or for trail heads on 4WD dirt roads.


We use Bilsteins factory part numbers, which is the BE5-2618.

The same as in Bilsteins catalog -


I don't know what the other part number is. It's probably for some other vehicle.

It is normal to change just the shocks.

If that is the only part worn out, there is no reason to change or buy other parts on a suspension.

Bilsteins are the best performance shocks we have. Better control and handling at highway speeds, but very durable to for any offroading.

Online catalog -


> Thanks in advance!


> Lily



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