2000 Chevy Silverado 1500, 2 door with extended cab


Looking to replace shocks - both front & rear. Would

like best performance possible, not a racer by any means but sometimes

like to have a little fun. Do not really tow or haul much, occasional

motorcycle in truck bed. Intend to keep vehicle for quite some time so I

want a very good product but I can not afford to go overboard on something

I really do not need. Read some about Monroe Reflex but I am not sure

what they provide over other Monroe products or how they compare to other

manufacturer's products for that matter.

I also have a question on these "REFLEX" shocks... I noticed that there

seems to be two versions, one is just called "REFLEX" while the other is

called "REFLEX TRUCK" - is there a difference between the two really?

Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.




For performance, you want to use a high pressure gas monotube design.

(this chart will help)


The Bilsteins are the best monotubes we carry.

All Reflex use the same insides, car or truck, though in some cases (some

vehicles) they offer a twin tube (non-performance) unit or a monotube similar to a Bilstein.

Regardless of brand, a monotube will out perform a twin tube design, that is a matter of science.


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