2001 Ford F250 4x4 Towing Solutions

Make: Ford Truck
Model: F 250 4x4
Year: 2001
What is your driving style: Normal Driver
Vehicle Setup: 4 Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts

F 250 2 1/2 doors need new shocks and also need to make the rear more strong for work loads and towing at least 12000 pounds
The best shocks for towing and hauling with your truck are the Bilstein Heavy Duty, they will give you much more control and better stability, especially at highway speeds. You can see those here:

2001 Ford F250 4x4 Front Shocks for Towing - Bilstein Heavy Duty

2001 Ford F250 4x4 Rear Shocks for Towing - Bilstein Heavy Duty

To add extra towing/hauling capacity to your truck, I think your best bet is an airlift superduty kit, this is a heavy duty airbag that works alongside your springs and shocks and can be inflated when you need the extra capacity but can be deflated for daily driving. There are actually three different kits available for the 01 F250, depending on what kind of towing hitch your truck uses. You can see those here:
2001 Ford F250 4wd Aftermarket Shocks and Suspension
You'll just need to scroll down about a page to see them.

If you're looking to replace your steering stabilizer too, I recommend the
Bilstein unit you can see here:
2001 Ford F250 4x4 Steering Stabilizer - Bilstein


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