2001 Ford F250 Shocks From Local Parts Store Aren't Cutting it

Vehicle: 2001 Ford F250 4x4 Long Bed
Chassis Designation: super cab long bed
What is your driving style: Normal Driver
Vehicle Setup: 4 Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts

Question: I replaced my worn out shocks with some gas shocks from a local autoparts store. They are crap. I was told to try liquid (no gas) shocks. Can you recommend a brand.

Answer: There are basically no shocks sold today that aren't gas pressurized, and if there are any available for your truck you really don't want them. Shocks are gas pressurized so that when the shock moves up and down over and over, such as when riding on a rough road or even a twisty one, the hydraulic fluid doesn't become over heated, which causes the shock to lose dampening power. There are huge differences in the quality of gas shocks though, and if you're looking for something that will
give you great control over the truck, for towing, hauling, offroading or just daily driving, you should upgrade to a monotube shock. Monotube shocks resist fade even better than a traditional twin tube gas shock and are specifically valved for your application to provide the best ride and handling possible.

We have a few different monotube shocks available for your truck:

The KYB Monomax is available for truck that do not have a 137 or 156-inch
KYB Monomax Front Shock 2001 Ford F250 4x4

KYB Monomax Rear Shock 2001 Ford F250 4x4

The Edelbrock IAS Performer:
Edelbrock IAS Performer Front Shock 2001 Ford F250 4x4

Edelbrock IAS Performer Rear Shock 2001 Ford F250 4x4

And the Bilstein Heavy Duty, which is our most popular shock for the F250:
Bilstein Heavy Duty Front Shock 2001 Ford F250 4x4

Bilstein Heavy Duty Rear Shock 2001 Ford F250 4x4


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