2001 Ford Taurus SES Shocks

Make: Ford

Model: Taurus SES

Manufacture Date: /2001

Chassis Designation: Sedan (SES)




I would like your opinion on the quality vs. ride

performance between the Monroe and KYB struts your company sells. Which is

a best strut for my Taurus? I don't want to order a wimpy replacement, but

I would like to restore the "Factory" ride.




Both the KYB and Monroe are the same as the OE units, a twin tube low pressure design - /site/glossary.cfm

The Monroe's have a groove inside which allows extra oil bypass, the KYB has no such gimmick, and will be a straight normal twin tube (like a Ford unit).

While neither is a performance unit, the KYB would be slightly better from a technical stand point.

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More about 'ride' is mentioned on our website here if it helps - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm



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