2001 Toyota Sienna


Our 2001 Sienna minivan, with ~100K miles and the

original shocks and struts has been "upgraded" will a hitch bike rack.

When loaded with bikes (4) the rear is very low and the front is higher

then normal. We vacation outdoors a lot so I need to fix this so I can

load up the van (bike rack, bikes, roof bin, people, luggage) and have it

be steerable. Suggestions for replacement struts and shocks?



The shocks and struts themselves do not support weight, the springs do that.

But to add support, Airlift does make an Airkit, we list this in our online catalog.

Here's the link -


(only one air kit is needed per vehicle).

If you want to replace the shocks and struts, The KYB KR2s would be your best bet in the front.

The rear KYB Gasajust is also a monotube performance shock, that would work better on the rear since you are hauling / towing.


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