2002 Toyota Avalon Replacement Struts

------ Vehicle Information -------
Make: Toyota
Model: Avalon
Year: 2002
What is your driving style: Normal Driver
Vehicle Setup: Front Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts


The struts on my 2002 Toyota Avalon are worn out and now the car doesn't handle like it did from the factory, what parts do you recommend for restoring the factory handling and ride?


The best struts we have for your car are KYB GR2s, they are designed to be a direct factory replacement for your factory struts and are valved a little bit stiffer than the factory units to give you more control and reduce the car's tendency to wallow over uneven roads. You can see those here:

2002 Toyota Avalon Front Right Strut
2002 Toyota Avalon Front Left Strut

2002 Toyota Avalon Rear Right Strut
2002 Toyota Avalon Rear Left Strut

You can see all of the parts we have available for the 2002 Toyota Avalon here.


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