2003 Chevy Sub 1500



2003 Chevy Sub 1500/4 door with ZW7 option, mileage

140k. Comfort big thing - this ain't a rally car.

Would like to replace ALL corners - thinking of doing (2) KYB 565067

MonoMax in front or Edelbrock IAS 33024.

In the rear (ZW7 premium smoothride option) can I use the Monroe 40209 -

or do I need to use KYB SR2004 ?




More about "ride" is mention on our site here - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm

For great handling and control, especially at highway speeds, the Monomax are a good choice.

Same thing with the Edelbrocks. Mixing the two is ok, they are very similar in design, both are a high pressure monotube.

The Monroe 40209 and KYB SR2004 are both Nivomats.

You should not use a Nivomat unless your vehicle came with one from the factory.

If it DID come with Nivomats, you have to use them, you CANNOT use a shock absorber of any kind.



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