2003 Lincoln LS needs struts and mounts

What replacement suspension parts do I need for my 2003 Lincoln LS V8 with sports package?

You can use Monroe upper mounts (904972) with KYB Excel-G 341655. The mounts are made to fit the car, not the strut, just like the OE ones. They will even work with the original Lincoln struts.

The Lincoln LS has a four-wheel sort-long arm (SLA) independent suspension, which reduces unsprung weight and keeps your tires firmly on the road. Lincoln used a patented rear setup on the LS that seats the rear springs and shock absorbers against the frame rails, using negative lift to keep the rear level. Many reviewers thought the handling dynamics were modeled on German cars on the era, and in fact the Lincoln LS handling is not unlike the Cadillac Catera of the same time period, built in Germany by Opel.

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