2003 Subaru Baja Performance Shocks

Make: Subaru
Model: Baja
Year: 2003
Driving Style: Hard Performance Driver
Vehicle Setup: All Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts


I was looking at the Monroe Sensatrac 71113 for my 2003 Subaru Baja, is there a better choice?


For an aggressive driver, the KYB GR2s would be a good choice, they are more performance tuned than the Sensatrac shocks, which are designed to be an OEM replacement.

You can see all the shocks we offer for a 2003 Subaru Baja here: /index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=4441&selected_year=2003

But both are a twin tube low pressure design. (like the original Subaru units). In that respect they are the same.

KYB also offers front and rear units.


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