Model: RAM 2500 HD

Manufacture Date: /2004

Chassis Designation: 4X4 OFFROAD




I think it has a small factory lift, the truck sits level.

I use the truck to tow a 30ft fifth wheel camper, the camper has a hitch

weight of 900 lbs I also carry a camping gear & firewood in the bed (long bed,regular cab)

I am interested in rear Air Lift air bags but am concerned with clearance

because 5th wheel hitch is a B&M Companion hitch that has a below the

bed/frame rail main support & looks like the Air Lift kit might have some

clearnce issues.

I also would like bilsteins shocks to replace the originals & am concerned

with which size/type to use considering how truck is equipped (small

factory lift).

any help would be appreciated




If you are talking about the 57295, you can download their instructions for that kit too if it helps you.

Here's the link to the PDF -


None of the shock companies we have mention anything about any Dodge trucks with an OE suspension lift.

By guess would be (if the truck is not some special limited custom model) that the truck uses the same shocks are a rugular 2500.

Dodge 2500 4x4x - link to catalog -


The Bilstein Heavy Dutys we be what you want.

(you can click on the Bilstein part numbers there for picture as well).



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