2004 Toyota Tundra shocks

Make: Toyota

Model: Tundra

Manufacture Date: /2004

Chassis Designation: Crew




Hey Guys I want my '04 Tundra to ride like my buddies

'05 TRD Tundra. I have 75k on the stock shocks and was planning to

upgrade, I am a big Edelbrock fan. Are the Edelbrock's = to the Bilsteins.

Thanks for the input.


The Edelbrocks are the Bilsteins are both a monotube high pressure gas design.

They are the same in that respect.

The TRD trucks come factory with the Bilstein BE5-6024 and BE5-6025s -


The Edelbrock fronts allow you to raise the height of the truck a bit.

The Bilstein 5100s fronts will also do that.

But only use those if you want to raise the truck, otherwise, use the (less

expensive) Bilstein heavy dutys.


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