2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT


HasOEM Bilstein shocks but I'd like to go to the HD Bilstein.

Will this make the ride much harsher than standard or better control in

turns and slow speed while maintaining smooth driving at highway speeds?

What can I expect the ride to be like in comparison to the oem Bilsteins -

all I could find was the rear part shock number - TYK AC27 W00.


The 2005 Trailblazers are listed in our online catalog - /index.cfm?mode=make&type=T

There are only two Bilstein part numbers there, one for the front, and one for the rear.

More about 'ride' is mention on our website here - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm

Using a monotube design unit (regardless of brand) will give you better handling and control, especially at highway speeds.




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