2005 Dodge Dakota Shocks

Make: Dodge
Model: Dakota
Manufacture Date: /2005
Chassis Designation: 4 Door 4X4

What is your driving style: Normal Driver
Vehicle Setup: 4 Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Regular Shocks or Struts


This is my dads truck, I just got a set of bilstiens for my ram and love them. I have talked hime into getting a set from yall so seeing if there is a bilstien set that will work for him. He also wanted to know about the monroe gas magnums.


Sorry, Bilstein does not yet make any units for the 2005 -up Dakotas. There are no Monroe Gasmagnums for the truck either, but the Ranch 5000 series are very similar to the Gasmagums. We list those in our online catalog - /index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=3915&selected_year=2005


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