2006 Ford F-150 4x4 Lariat Shocks

Make: ford

Model: f-150 4x4 Lariat

Manufacture Date: /2006

Chassis Designation: super cab 4x4

What is your driving style: Normal Driver

Vehicle Setup: 4 Wheel Drive

Suspension Type: Raised Suspension or Suspension Lift Kit




I have a mostly stock f150 4x4 with a two inch spacer

block - front end leveling kit installed and have custom 18" wheels with

33" toyo at tires. It bangs going over ruts etc as the wheels / tires are

heavier and larger than stock. I would like to purchase Bilstein C298-h0

front struts and Bilstein c299-10 rear shocks to replace stock set-up and

the 2" aluminum spacers I currently have installed to level truck and

allow for the front end lift necessary to fit the 33" tires. I assume

this will improve ride over what is installed now? Can you quote a price

and comment on what I am proposing? Thank-you




The Bilsteins would be the way to go to lift the truck safely. Better than a spacer.

The Bilsteins will also give you much better dampening and control of the larger tire / wheels.

Online catalog -


The Bilsteins allow you to lift the front end around 2 inches from stock.



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