2006 Toyota Tundra SR5 Shocks

Make: Toyota
Model: Tundra
Year: 2006
Chassis Designation: SR5 Double Cab 4X4

What is the difference between Bilstein 6929 and 6024 shocks for the front of a 2006 Toyota Tundra 4X4 SR5 aside from adjustable ride height? Which would best compliment rear 6025's already installed? (which raised the truck about 1"over the stock black shocks) Thanks.


The Bilstein BE5-6929 are height adjustable, meaning you can relocate the spring perch to alter the height. The 5100s series shocks also have a offroad / racing valving (the BE5-6024s have a valving for normal street use).

Like this - /news/bilstein-struts.cfm

The BE5-6024 shocks are for stock height, the spring perch is in the stock location.

The BE5-6025 shocks would not alter the height, the height is determined by the springs. The shocks only dampen vibration and hold the tire in contact the road. (meaning, they cannot support any load).

If you do not plan on altering the front height, the front BE5-6024s would be what to use. If you want to raise the front end some, the BE5-6929 is the way to do that safely.


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