2007 - 2010 BMW X5 High Performance Shocks

Make: BMW
Model: X5
Year: 2007
What is your driving style: Aggressive Driving
Vehicle Setup:4WD


I have a 2007 BMW X5 and want to replace my worn out shocks and struts, and I think I should upgrade them at the same time. I have done some aftermarket engine mods to my X5 3.0 to give it more power and want to work on the suspension now. Do you have any aftermarket shocks and struts that will give my X5 better handling?


Yes we do! the Billstein Heavy Duty series of shocks and struts will give you a firmer, more controlled ride than your factory units and reduce your body roll in corners, nosedive while braking, and squat while accelerating. You'll have a lot better handling and more confidence to throw your X5 through the turns. You can see those here:

2007 - 2010 BMW X5 Front Shocks

2007 - 2010 BMW X5 Rear Right Shock

2007 - 2010 BMW X5 Rear Left Shock


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