2007 Dodge Grand Caravan


I have currently regular shocks on a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan and I want to upgrade to load-leveling shocks so I can haul a camper, can that be done? if not why? Also,why can't I use the Nivomat shocks? I looked at your website and the loadlevelers look good it's just that I have always heard GREAT things about the Nivomats (last longer, better smoother ride).


If your vehicle now has just a regular rear shock absorber, you can replace those with the Monroe Loadlevelers. In fact, Loadlevelers are very popular with the Caravan customers.But,t here could be mechanical differences in the suspensions. Between a Nivomat equipped Caravan and a Caravan with shocks - The bolt holes might be different sizes. They might be different lengths. The Nivomats are wider, meaning they could interfere with other suspension or exhaust underbordy parts. The rear springs are different and have a different spring rate. Nivomats could raise the rear too high causing an unsafe condition to drive. There are many reasons. That's not to say a mechanic cannot modify or do fabrication on the vehicle to make Nivomats work. But that is up to you and your mechanic.


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