2008 Toyota Tundra

Make: Toyota

Model: Tundra

Manufacture Date: /2008

Chassis Designation: Crewmax




I am interested in buying Bilstein 5100 series

adjustable. I am interested in the 5100 because it gives me a few inches

lift. However looking at your chart I dont know what would be appropriate

for my truck. Please let me know which part fit my truck. Also If I get

all 4, please let me know the price....thank you!



There are no coil-over kits for the 2008 Tundras.

If you just want a lift - leveling unit, Bilstein does make a 5100 that will do that.

We list those here in our online catalog, here's the link -


You want to use the BE5-E428 and BE5-E429 shown there.

(the front units reuse the OE Tundra springs, you don't need to buy / replace those)

More about Bilstein leveling units is mentioned on our site here too - (how they work) /news/bilstein-struts.cfm



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