2009-2011 Honda Fit Shocks and Struts

Shockwarehouse now has KYB Shocks and Struts available for the 2nd generation Honda Fit!

The KYB Excel-G (formerly GR2 brand) shocks and struts for the Honda Fit are designed to be direct OEM replacement shocks that bolt directly in place of the factory struts and shocks. No machining, welding, cutting, bending or other modifications necessary, these install as easily as a factory unit!

The KYB Excel-G line of struts and shocks are direct bolt in OEM replacement units for the 2nd generation Honda Fit, but these aren't basic shocks and struts. The KYB Excel-G for the 2009-2011 Honda Fit are specifically valved by KYB's engineers to provide better handling and a more controlled ride for daily driven Fits. The Excel-G is engineered to provide extra handling for aggressive driving, hauling heavy loads, towing or just the piece of mind that comes with knowing your car will be responsive in an emergency.

338002 KYB Excel-G Front Left Strut Honda Fit 2009-2011

338001 KYB Excel-G Front Right Strut Honda Fit 2009-2011

348016 KYB Excel-G Rear Shock Honda Fit 2009-2011

For first generation Honda Fit (2006-2008) struts and shocks, click here


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