2013 Baja 500 In Car Footage From BMW X6 Trophy Truck

The All German Motorsports BMW X6 Trophy Truck might be the meanest looking truck in Baja. Even if you don't love the look, you have to admit it's unique, everyone else in the Trophy Truck class has trucks built to look like pickups. Here's in car footage of the Baja 500 from the All German Motorsports X6.

What's amazing about this, aside from how quickly they recover from the botched turn and how they don't really need the navigation directions, is how smooth the in car footage looks. I know from experience that these tracks that look smooth as glass at 50mph in an offroad truck are meaner than any hunting trail you'll run into. You could run a stock pickup at maybe ten miles per hour over these roads - anything higher and it would get beaten to death by the bumps, but this X6 just rips over that pitted and pockmarked desert.


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