4x4 Tundra


I'm starting to use my stock 4x4 tundra on some on the forest roads here in Arizona. I am looking for a new set of shocks but I really do not want to sacrifice my ride quality. I had some Bilstein HDs on a 1998 Tacoma and I thought they made the overall highway ride much stiffer. What do you recommend?



More about "ride" is mention on our website here - /site/shock_absorber_myths.cfm

Your original units normaly would be a twin tube low pressure, like our KYB

GR2 or a Monroe.

The Bilsteins are a performance product, a high pressure gas monotube. All monotubes have a stiff valving (that is part of what makes them a performance product).

More about the different designs is mentioned online here - /site/glossary.cfm

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