Airlift LoadLifter For Toyota Mini Motorhome

Q.: My husband and I have been enjoying a used Toyota Tacoma mini motor home but we need new air shocks.

Would the Airlift 57113 be a good choice? Do weorder two or just one?

Does this particular item require drilling? Are installation directions sent with this item?

A.: The Airlift 57113 is a kit, and includes two air springs and all the hoses, brackets, bolts and other parts to install. You only need to order one kit.

The Airlift Super Duty Air Spring Kit (57113) fits Toyota mini motorhome chassis 1986-1994. Commercial trucks, ambulances and tow trucks also use Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 kits for the reliable, safe handling they provide even under heavy loads. The LoadLifter 5000 is currently eligible for a rebate.

The 57113 does require drilling, usually just a few holes in the frame to attach the upper bracket to the frame.


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