An Offroad Rally Civic Wins High Desert Rally 2013

Seeing this rally Civic bombing through the desert, through openings in fences and around turns at the top of mountains at high speeds has restored my faith in modern cars. I used to believe that if Mad Max happened and we were stuck rebuilding what we already had for high speed desert warfare, we'd all be clamoring for trucks or the body on fame sedans of old. But this Civic takes to rallying like it was born for it, without any hint of "wrong wheel drive" ruining its drive. The Civic in this video won the 2wd class at the High Desert Rally 2013, and just to remind you, this truck is 2WD (not that I'm implying the rally Civic is faster than a trophy truck mind you, just making a point that 2WD is pretty much the norm in offroad racing).

The Civic really is the 57 Chevy of our generation, you can swap any motor you like in easily and build the car to exactly what you want.


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