Best Towing/Hauling Shocks for a Lifted 2000 F350

Make: Ford
Model: F350 Superduty
Year: 2000
What is your driving style: Normal Driver
Vehicle Setup: 4 Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Raised Suspension or Suspension Lift Kit


What is the best shock for hauling a slide in camper and towing a 4,000 lb boat with my 2000 F-350 truck, 4" lift, 35 Inch tires.


Here are the shocks we carry for the 2000 F350 4WD -/index.cfm?mode=results&selected_model=4007&selected_year=2000

Since the rear has been lifted 4-inches, you need to use the Bilstein 5100 shock shown there -F4-BE5-6246-H5


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