Can I Paint my Shocks?



Is it possible to get Bilstein shocks in any other color besides Yellow/Blue? Those shocks would stick out like a sore thumb under my Charcoal Grey Hemi. Lol. I do like the Bilsteins though.




Sorry, they only come in the one color. You can repaint a shock body, usually just by scuffing it, and repainting as needed. People do this all the time. (though the boots are a rubber type material, you may have to use a special paint to adhere to those). While not a high pressure gas monotube (performance unit) like a Bilstein, the KYB GR2s are silver grey in color. /site/GR2.cfm So are the Rancho 9000s (still a twin tube low pressure shock though) -. Online catalog - /index.cfm?mode=make&type=T


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