Chevrolet Motorhome Shocks

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Motorhome

Manufacture Date: /1998

Chassis Designation: P-37




The front of this motorhome has coil springs with

airbags inside them,and leaf springs on the rear. Also a tag axle,haven't

been under it to see if that has shocks on it. What are the correct shocks

for this chassis?




Here is the link for the P-series shocks -


We recommend the Bilsteins there. B46-1173 / B46-1587.

Many different companies make tag axles, so you need to know what kind of tag axle it is.

Here is the most popular GM tag axle part number (see the picture)


That fits one kind of a More-Ryde tag axle, we list those too online - /index.cfm?mode=make&type=M



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