Does the Chevy Corvair Use The Same Front and Rear Shocks?

Model: 1964 Chevy Corvair
What is your driving style: Hard Performance Driver
Vehicle Setup: Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive
Suspension Type: Stock

Question: I have a 1964 Chevy Corvair and I believe the front and rear suspensions are different, but your website says that I should use the same shocks for both front and rear, is this true? I'm looking to get the best performance possible out of the Corvair and I'm willing to pay extra for the best stuff, so I don't want a cheap one size fits all shock.

Answer: The 1964 Corvair shocks are the same front and rear, even though the suspensions may be different, the shock mounts are the same, which lets you run the same shock on the front and the back.If you're looking for the best performance possible for your Corvair, we recommend the KYB Gasajust KG4550 Monotube shocks. If you want a softer shock for daily driving where performance is less important than comfort, we recommend the KYB Excel-G Twin Tube Shocks343127


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