Ford E450 Shocks

Make: Ford

Model: E450

Manufacture Date: 2007


I am looking to buy the Bilstein shocks for my

motorhome. My goal is to improve handling and reduce wandering especially

at highway speeds. I am a very careful driver and don't speed.

There two models that will fit my vehicle and they are F4-BE5-E204-HO and

F4-BE5-E073-HO plus it's companion for the rear.

I would like to know, for my application and driving style if the

"comfort" or "Heavy duty" model is preferred. Should I consider mixing

them. IE Heavy Duty for front and comfort for rear?? I have the

Firestone air spring already installed on the rear.


The 2007 E450 motorhomes are listed in our online catalog, here's the link -


The Bilsteins, being a monotube design, will give you best handling and dampening control.

The only difference between the comfort and the HD is the valving. It's not likely you can tell the difference while driving, it's more of a mechanical difference inside.

You can mix them if you want to, but I don't think you will notice it, using one over the other. The HDs just have a heavier / stiffer valving for the longer (larger) wheelbase. So, your best bet would be to use the one that fits the length of your motorhome.


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