Ford F150 Shocks

Make: ford

Model: f-150

Manufacture Date: /1998

Chassis Designation: extended cab




This truck is an extended cab with one side having a

door. So, it's a 3 door truck. It has a 5" lift kit on it and needs new

shocks. I'm wanting to replace the shocks. They would need to be at least

5" longer than stock. I like Monroe shocks but would use whatever is




Both Edelbrock and BIlstein offer shocks for 1998 F150 lifted trucks.

Here's the link to those parts -


The shock companies do not mentioned the lengths, so there is no way to know for sure if they are exactly 5-inches longer than a stock shock, only that they are designed by an engineer to fit a specific amount of lift.

Monroe does not make any products for lifted trucks at all.



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