Ford F250 King Ranch Shocks

Make: Ford

Model: F250 King Ranch

Manufacture Date: /2005

Chassis Designation: truck/pickup




Ford F250 4door. I having gotten conflicting

information on which shock package to purchase. I want the BTS kit, that

has series 5100 shocks for the front, but I have been told to get either

the 5100 or BE5-C336-HO series for the back. I do not have any suspension

lift. Please advise on the appropriate rear shocks. thanks,




Here is the BTS kit for the F250 SD - (order only ONE kit per truck)


Since you are not altering the rear suspension, and it's stock, you can use the Bilstein Heavy Duty on the rear.

BE5-C296 -


Since you are not racing the truck, there is no real advantage to using a 5100 on the rear.

You can use the BE5-C336 5100 if you want to also, but that would be a matter of preference.

They cost more than the HD, but would be the same color as the fronts if color is an issue.



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