Ford Raptor Trophy Truck Jumps Dune 180 Feet and Crashes

Seals are adorable, they're like 200-lb ocean-going Labradors, but you shouldn't approach them because like 200-lb Labradors, their teeth can do serious damage. You can tell is a seal is healthy when he's on land by his posture. A happy seal will raise his head and tail off the ground, which is called the happy banana. You can learn some fun facts hanging around marine biologists.

At the end of this video, the truck does its best happy banana to let everyone know that even though the landing looked bad, it is happy with the jump. Why build an offroad truck if you aren't going to test its limits? This guy is a hero, he took out his purpose-built dune machine and while (I assume) everyone else was tippy-toeing around the jumps, getting 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 feet of air, he said "nah, I don't need to modulate my throttle, I want to think about the jump not the landing" so he planted his foot and hit the jump as fast as he wanted to, flying 180 feet before he unceremoniously smashes down on the rear wheels.


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