GMC Envoy Shocks

Make: gmc

Model: envoy

Manufacture Date: /2006

Chassis Designation: 4wd




Hi. I have an intermittant vibration that occurs at

highway speed. Stepping on the brakes, it reacts like a rotor warped. It

pulsates and shakes. When the problem goes away, everything is perectly

normal. Someone suggested it could be a shock problem. If so, what shock

do you recomend?




I would say let a mechanic check the vehicle out before you make any decisions, or purchase any shocks.

There are a lot of parts on a suspension.

Check your tire wear, that is usually a sign shocks have gone bad. Also look at them and see if they are leaking, covered with fluid.

A vibration could be a weak, worn out shock. Meaning, it's not holding the tire down in contact with the road, and that would cause a vibration. But it could be something else as well (unbalanced tires, alignment, other issues).

For normal driving, our Monroe Rerflex or KYB GR2s would be fine to use.




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