Lifting a 2007 Chevrolet C1500 Silverado Classic

A customer wrote: "I got new rims and new 33" tires. I am also about to purchase a 4" lift leveling spindle kit with 2" blocks in rear. So I need to know what kind of shocks I can get for the lift and not spend a lot of money."

We have a page on lifted shocks on our website.

Our mechanic answers: "If you have already tried a stock length shock and that wasn't long enough, you may need a longer shock. Be sure and check with the lift kit manufacturer to be sure. There's no way for us to tell, if you didn't get the lift kit from us.

First, check our online catalog for longer shocks.

If you need a custom shock length, some of our manufacturers offer universal type racing shocks. Look at some spec sheets here.


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