Ride height changed after Bilstein B6 installation

Customer Question: I just had my mechanic install a set of 4 Bilstein B6 shocks that I recently purchased from you on my 1998 Lexus GS400. The car handles beautifully! However, it now sits higher than it did before, and I don't like that. I did some research, and I understand that these shocks have two height positions. Is this correct? Can I have mine reset to the lower position to lower my car's ride height? Will using this lower setting create any problems with my Lexus GS400? (The suspension, including springs, is completely stock.) Thank you!

Shockwarehouse Answer: Thanks for writing! While there are Bilstein products that are adjustable, the Bilstein B6 is not an adjustable shock, so there are actually not two height positions. If your vehicle is sitting higher there are two possible reasons:

  1. Your previous shocks were in such bad shape that they actually lowered the car;
  2. The mounts on the struts were installed incorrectly.

In any event, ask your mechanic to have a look at the mounts.


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