Ridiculous Burnout Battle - Peterbilt Burnout vs Vespa Burnout

I love when people do silly things with their cars for fun, and burnouts are in the top echelon of silly things you can do with a car. So it's even sillier and more awesome when someone takes a purpose built vehicle - like a Peterbilt designed to haul cargo for millions of miles or a Vespa, the most stylish form of barebones transportation there is - and rips through some tires.

This Peterbilt, owned by Dave Bernier according to the uploader, was at the 2011 Smooth Truck Fest and did a monster burnout, boiling eight tires at the same time on two axles while sounding like the Devil is having a domestic dispute with Mrs. Devil over him coming home drunk again and her liking a few too many of her ex's Facebook posts.

On the other end of a the spectrum is this Vespa spinning it's single rear wheel while the driver and Youtube uploader Michael Moore stands up, two feet comfortably on the ground and holds on with one hand while giving a thumbs up. It would have been more perfect if he had been wearing a suit at the time rather than a leather jacket and helmet and if he had sipped from a bottle of Perrier.


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