School bus shocks for DIY motorhome project

Q. Hi. I got inspired by some great photos I saw online of school busses that were remade into motorhomes. It seems quite the bohemian achievement to have an old Blue Bird with a wood stove and a bunch of crocheted afghans.

Long story short, we bought an old bus and we need to get the mechanical stuff straightened out before adding afghans and potted plants. The suspension is shot. I know we need something beyond normal shocks. What do you suggest for people new to RVing who have entered uncharted territory?

A. We do recommend KONI RV shocks when you need the gold standard for performance and safety. Read our information about KONI here.

Koni shocks are available for most Class A and Class B RVs and motorhomes and some pickup trucks commonly used to tow campers. KONI recently introduced the EVO 99 series especially for bus and coach applications. Give us a call or use our online catalog to find what you need.


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