Some Crazy Geniuses Have Built The Homer, A Real Life Simpsons Car

When Homer Simpson's half-brother gave him a job at an auto company with the directive to come up with his own dream car, one that would appeal to the lowest common denominator, Homer came up with The Homer. The Homer has a separate dome-shaped passenger compartment for annoying children, gigantic cupholders, three horns (because you can never find a horn when you're angry, something anyone who's driven an early 90s Buick Roadmaster can relate to), and a bowling trophy as a hood ornament.

Now Porcubimmer Motors has built a real life replica of The Homer for the upcoming LeMons race, and it's awesome! It looks like it's built on a 4-door E30 BMW 3-Series, and the team has run those in LeMons races before so hopefully they do well.

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