Toyota Camry


Camry is a U.S. spec car it was just built in Japan instead of

the U.S. They could have been manufactured in either country.

I have no reason to believe that the suspension is any different as far as

fitting the car, other than maybe the vendors used by the factory are

probably different.

Looking in other places I have noticed that some U.S. built cars came with

Delco units and the Japanese cars came with Tokico's I think

I know that there is a difference between the SE model and the LE model but

it's because the SE is a bit stiffer I think..


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The shock companies do not print valving specs, and Toyota probably doesn't either.

So there is no way to know how 'stiff' a unit is valved, regardless of brand or manufacturer.

They are all a twin tube low pressure design, that makes them all essentially the same thing.



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