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Which way do I mount the shock?


OK, I have just placed an order and looked at the
emailed invoice. The part descriptions have left me confused and a little
perplexed. Can you help me with my installation questions?

I just ordered some shocks for my '04 F350. The front shock ordered is
F4-BE5-2818-HO Bilstein Ford Superdutys (mount BOOT down). From the
description, I assume that the shock must be mounted upside down (in
reference to the way mine are currently mounted)???? I have not seen this
before and haven't heard of a shock being mounted boot-down. If so, why does
this shock need the boot mounted down?

If I mount them "boot down", I don't want my tire dealer calling me stupid
for putting them on upside down. I just want to make sure that I understand
how these mount and why. I'm a little confused because of the wording on the
part description.

The rear shock is F4-BE5-2819-HO Bilstein Ford F350 Superdutys. Is this one
going to be mounted with the same orientation or should they be mounted in
the normal (boot up) orientation?

I am certainly not an expert and need your input on these before I install
them on my truck. I don't want to put them on upside down in either case.
Please help answer my dumb questions.


We get this question often, so don't feel dumb about it.

On a monotube shock, the piston can be used up and down.

Most cases it's better down, (like on race cars which use monotubes) So Bilstein, KYB engineers and others will do this when it's better. You can't do that on a twin tube low pressure (1960's tech) design. The shocks will only bolt on one way in most cases. When the boot is down, Bilstein puts 2 or 3 small holes to let any moisture or condensation to drain out. (those engineers think of everything :-) Bilstein's tech - 858-386-5900 These Ford SD Bilsteins are the top sellers, we probably sell a few thousand of them in one year. :-)


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