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If you are viewing this page, chances are we could not process your order because a part was on backorder. What this means is that we are out of the part and do not have it in stock, but more important, the manufacturer is also out of the part.

Typically, between all the brands that we carry, there are 100 different part numbers on backorder on any given day during the year. We have the part number on backorder with the manufacturer and essentially, we are "in line" with other distributers, and when the manufacturer produces the parts, we will get what we have on order. We never know when a backorder will show up. They are automatically shipped to us either by truck or UPS without any prior notification.

Because the manufacturers we carry make parts all over the world, there is a long delay when they are out of something here in the U.S. For instance, Bilsteins are made in Germany. They sellout here in the U.S, then Germany schedules a build time to make more. Then they are produced, transported by ship across an ocean, to arrive here in the U.S. With all the manufacturers, a delay can mean as long as 3 - 6 months. (In our 15 years of business we have seen delays even longer than this).

What can you do? Basically there are some choices. If your order consists of more than one part number, we can ship you the parts that are available, and cancel the ones on backorder that are not available. Second choice is we can make a substitution with another brand if any of them offer a similiar type part. (simply check our Online catalogs for other parts that may be made for your vehicle). Another choice is we can cancel the entire order, and you can check availability with us at a later date. Then when the part is available again from the manufacturer, you can simply reorder. If you request it, we can hold the order until the part becomes available, and let you know. Then you can let us know whether to process the order. We will only send an email, it will be up to you to respond. Note that more than one Customer is usually waiting on a part that is backordered, and available parts are sold on a first response.

In the auto parts field, backorders are a part of doing business, they happen.

Now, if our local grocery store would just quit running out of our favorite Double Chocolate Fudge ice cream.....

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